When Awkward Conservatives Turn to Liberal Behaviors

Twitter has been an amazing tool for the Conservative base to connect, but then for some who claim to be Conservative… they disgrace themselves and disconnect. Case in point:

In a nutshell Sam Adams aka N_IdahoElection takes a shot at me by calling me a name, then he/she sends out a message to his/her followers to block me… wonder why that would be as he/she attempts to remove his/her comments from the streams?

Poor comprehension skills seem to be the key here, however, the name of Sam Adams has been forever besmirched on Twitter with this event.

btw, Sam Adams, you should know that Tweets never disappear forever even under your nom de plume N_IdahoElection ~

N_IdahoElection (Sam Adams)Just find UR comments STRANGE!nRT @bobbi85710 @n_idahoelection Feisty today if I’m reading you right.

N_IdahoElection (Sam Adams)SAME ANSWER AS LAST!nRT @bobbi85710 @n_idahoelection Some reports are too insane, clever bs, but insane nonetheless.

N_IdahoElection (Sam Adams)@bobbi85710 nnGet real, in other words!

N_IdahoElection (Sam Adams)IS SANTA CLAUS JUST A DEMOCRAT?nRT @bobbi85710 Are secret U.S. army tests to blame for TV presenters speaking utter… http://tl.gd/9m7ecm

Then in a secret DM aka Direct Message this Sam Adams calls me a (poorly spelled) name when he/she misinterprets tweets. And since he/she failed to inform their followers of this, I felt it was my duty to reveal this Liberal attack behavior and screen capture for proof.

Wonder why Sam Adams felt the need to inform his followers to block me? Calling all to unfollow, calling all to unfollow! Geesh Liberal Tactics begin as…

bobbi85710‎ What is this @N_IdahoElection ow.ly/4tH9F please allow ur followers 2 know truth twitpic.com/4hairb since u deleted comments

bobbi85710@n_idahoelection You however took it to a whole new level when you called me a name for some psycho reason Screen cap proof…

bobbi85710@N_IdahoElection Was this necessary? Why? In the future please use spell check. @N_IdahoElection Was this necessary? Why? In the future pleas …‎ – twitpic.com

bobbi85710@n_idahoelection Well alrighty then… no big deal… I don’t call out strange, I only call out trolls, to each his own.

Pathetic when Conservatives go Bad!

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