Daily Archives: April 9, 2011

Speaker John Boehner Keep Chipping at Those Dastardly Democrats Every Week!

I think you have found the chink in the plastic armor of the Democrats. I’m not saying that I am crazy about last night’s results, but if it has come to a weekly installments, The U.S. House of Representatives must continue to wear them down and expose the deceptions perpetrated upon the American People – dollar by dollar and scam by scam.

The Democrats set this ‘game’ in motion by not performing their duties in Congress and the White House last year. First they tried to be the blockade and/or steamroller as needed, and now they play the victim weekly and weakly. Shameful.

Thankfully, more of the American People are witnessing the Deceptocrats in action, reaction, or slacking.

And YES THIS IS ALL OBAMA’S FAULT! The Bogus POS POTUS, the Usurper, “That One”, Barry, Barack, Baracka, etc..