Smart Grid, Controlled Spin, Meters With A Multi-Purpose?

It’s always best to start at the beginning, so let’s look at a test site… Hawaii…

Press Release – HECO Home 2008 Announcement I would love to know how in December of 2008, a project in the making, is legislated for and afterward in April 2010 under ACT 73. But then…

After a dismal pilot program, HECO requests another shot in June 2010… just before ACT 73 becomes law in Hawaii, and long before the ‘theoretical’ ‘safety’ report below was issued by the California Council on Science and Technology this past January 2011 or the final report from just this month?

Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Roadmap Overview (Solar)

Who’s interested in propping Sensus meters in Hawaii? Please make sure you read the ABOUT page for Enterprise Honolulu!

As  The Smart Grid Security Blog attempts to dispel any potential problems/hazards installing wireless smart meters by offering a document produced by the CA Council on Science and Technology from only three months ago,  I am just not feeling the same sort of confidence that the consensus displays on page 4 of same.

The entire document 2011smartA. And a final report from this month 2011smart-final.

Is this to promote and condition the American people into accepting The Merger of Telecom and Utilities: Is It the Future?

Will Americans be obligated to one omnipotent authority, and if unable to completely pay one combined monthly bill or more, will customers have all supplied amenities cut off sometime in the not too distant future?

Or will you be penalized for peak hour usage Hawaii HCEI two year update second page

“…Increased legally required caps for net energy metering in Maui County and Hawaii Island from 3% to 4% of systems peak and proposed increase for Oahu from 1% to 2%, in response to growing NEM participation…”


What could possibly go wrong?

FCC’s Inadequate Response to Smart Meter Complaint FCC report filed November 4, 2010
3 PG&E Smart Meters Explode at Santa Rosa Mall April 8, 2011 less than 3 weeks ago and after the final ‘theoretical’ ‘safety’ report?
Or just do a Google Search where I put in the terms SMART METER FIRE.

At this point the term Smart doesn’t even enter the picture!


16 responses to “Smart Grid, Controlled Spin, Meters With A Multi-Purpose?

  1. We can trust the electric utility industry for safety and honesty. Just ask the folks at Fukushima… or Enron… or Chernobyl… or Three Mile Island…
    Video of a Smart Meter fire.

    News report of another Smart Meter fire.
    And a letter to the Smart Meter manufacturer.

    US court describes “corona discharge” in which smart meters can “potentially cause a fire”

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  3. I have done a lot of research at


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