All of America Knows That The Newly Revealed Obama Birth Certificate is Fake

Isn’t it interesting, America, that the two entities that can not breach any confidences about the newly offered forged Obama Birth Certificate, are the deceptively secretive Hawaii Health Department and a legal team. Also note that the certificate was personally picked up and not mailed via the US Post Office by a member of said legal team. Was there a chain of custody? Since when is the U.S. Postal System, with so many secure forms of delivery, not exceptional enough to handle a delivery to the White House? Was someone so concerned as to the complicity of potential mail fraud if the US Postal Service was used and/or that it could be legally searched in transit by postal employees?

Birth Certificate Correspondence

What is interesting is that the widow of the alleged birth doctor works for the state of Hawaii’s legislature!

Another interesting detail to be found is an article dated March 27, 2011 showing “…Ms. Loretta Fuddy, Acting Director of the Hawaii Department of Health…”. Fuddy replaced interim Acting Director Keith R. Ridley who replaced Director Chiyome Fukino, M.D. whose position ended on Dec. 6, 2010. hmm? Where and when did Ridley go? Questionwhy so many directors in so few months?

What was it that initiated the mad acquisition of a birth certificate for Obama? Was it Donald Trump? Is it the two independent court cases next week? Is it the upcoming release of Terry Lakin? Is there a pressure upon America that her citizens are not aware of? Has the United State been continually blackmailed and tax dollar resources used as massive payoffs to protect the Usurper? Inquiring minds have the right to ask and receive the truth! The mastery of the people, IS the people! We the People!

This certainly explains the rush job on the forgery that has been submitted for world view, the switch that had to be made, and the poor quality that has easily been debunked as a genuine document. Criminals always make mistakes.


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