Scrambled Antics at the White House Under the Usurper

Back Pedal Medal Time

The Usurper hasn’t a clue as to what is swirling around him. The handlers can’t contain him as he was never schooled or skilled in government and diplomacy. Everything is coming down around those big ears, yet he doesn’t seem to hear or notice. He certainly doesn’t care! The trouble with the Usurper is he speaks so much delivering only a standard of repetitive messages:

Re-elect me, It’s not my fault, Where’s the golf course, Did Valerie say it was okay, etc.

It is nothing more than ‘white noise‘ that – so many now are blocking it out – home and abroad.  When he is outside of this comfort zone of speeches, it is all too transparent, that the lies/stories via his mouth/teleprompter and those minions who surround him, never match. This is not some wild theory it’s a fact. Current case in point: The Bin Laden Flop and Fiasco. No one is buying what DC is trying to sell. I am certain the entire world is either amused or angered by by the slipshod monologues and CYA moments that we are now witness to. It’s hysterically historical.

Me… I’m nonplussed. This was a non-event! It reeks of staged theatrics.

It is transparent that there is no harmony in DC due directly to Obama. And yes America it is all Obama’s Fault!

It is also transparent that by his own release of personal doctored documents that he is an Usurper and illegally sitting in the White House.

Too bad that DC does not appear to consider research a priority before releasing announcements, documents, speeches, or anything that should be of merit including an Usurper. Facts are hard to dispute but a lie always requires another to fix the previous lie and so on. They are all liars, not very good at it, and answer to the Liar in Chief. The fault, Dear America, is a BOGUS POS POTUS, who is clueless, classless, and always on backpedal. What an embarrassment!

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