If Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Doesn’t Matter Now, WHEN?

If one follows the evidence that determines Obama is ineligible to hold the office that he has usurped, when will the forged documents, that he, himself, provided to the American public on the White House Web Site, be considered relevant? Will there be time enough NOW for those documents to be examined thoroughly and absolute determinations made that he was properly vetted or that he should be removed from office? Will the reality of this “Constitutional Crisis” only be revealed as a footnote within student history books in the years 2025, 2050, or 2111 long after his term and presumably long after his demise? These are strange times that bind men’s souls!

One must follow the logical conclusion that The American Voter’s vote or voice does not count and that those who assume the highest political positions are pre-determined as no competent body is willing to intercede on the American Public’s behalf to correct this obvious perversion to our U.S. Constitution.

Why support any candidate’s coffers with funds? If it is not beneficial, then why continue a fruitless endeavor?


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