Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Antiestablishmentarianism AKA the Obama Doctrine

I never thought that I would see this in my lifetime…

The fully perfected example and usage of the word Antiestablishmentarianism has become commonplace today. It is the apparent doctrine and supreme definition of the tenure of the Bogus POTUS, the White House minions, and in general… Washington, DC.

As Wikipedia defines:

“…Antiestablishmentarianism (or anti-establishmentarianism) is a policy or attitude that views a nation’s power structure as corrupt, repressive, or exploitive.

Antiestablishmentarians adhere to the doctrine of opposition to the social and political establishment. Their purpose is to subvert from within. This doctrine holds that establishments lose connection with the people and have their own agendas which frequently destroy the things they blindly don’t address.

Antiestablishmentarianism has ties to anarchism but should not be confused with antifederalism or antifeudalism.

In a country with an established religion (e.g. England), “antiestablishmentarianism” means support for the end of the special status of the established religion. In the 19th century, some English people opposed a movement to disestablish as the church exclusively recognized by the government as the official religion of the country. That countermovement was antidisestablishmentarianism. Antidisestablishmentarianism is usually cited as the longest word in the English language, but according to some definitions it is exceeded by several others…”

Do you see it now? Even this terminology suffers the Obama twist or is it twits?