Obama, the Oil Industry, and the Helsinki Syndrome

At least a mad dog with Rabies is consistent in behavior…

Obama the Thug and Usurper in Chief finally reveals, for all to see, the forced Helsinki Syndrome tactics upon the American people today. “President Obama announces plans to expand domestic oil production” after punishing the wayward child, the Oil Industry, putting it on ignore and causing its tools to be taken away. I think the child has been abused long enough even though the Thug and Usurper in Chief continually attempts to embarrass said child via Alinsky tactics by wielding it as a symbolic weapon against the citizenry of the United States of America. This was purposely staged to create anger and animosity towards the domestic Oil Industry and to insure that foreign oil exporters were aware that they could elevate the cost of goods (oil) sold and/or that the BOGUS POTUS enabled and approved this cycle of price gouging. This is just one of the multitude of designed distractions of this deceptive administration.

Why is Capitalism for foreign oil producers and sellers good, while domestic Capitalism is not?

If and when the price of gas at the pumps returns to the pre-Obama mandated moratorium on oil drilling, do NOT feel that the Thug and Usurper in Chief has saved the world. This is not a game of forgive and forget. Remember this at the polls in November 2012, that the hostage maker of the USA decreased your family’s well-being and security for the majority of his nightmare administration. The United States of America must persevere and correct its course. No more… LIBERALS, PSYCHOTICS, SOCIALISTS, FREAKS, IMPERSONATORS, PROGRESSIVES, AMERICA-HATERS, TRAITORS, LEFTISTS, LUNATICS, MARXISTS, COMMUNISTS, TAX EVADERS, PERVERTS, ANTI-AMERICANS, USURPERS, MINIONS, CZARS, LEFTISTS, RADICALS, CROOKS, CZARINAS, THUGS, CRIMINALS, UNIONS, RAPPERS, ENABLERS, ALINSKY LOVERS, IDIOTS, LIARS, and BIGOTS should ever soil AMERICA’S WHITE HOUSE again!

How do we resolve this America? Vote for a REAL AMERICAN in 2012!


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