Is Smoke Getting Blown Up Your Assets?

City-wide for Benton Arkansas?

Smoke Testing Technique

Misspelled Notice Hand Delivered Today

Superjet Hydrojetting – Smoke Test / Sewer Gas

Uploaded by on Nov 25, 2008

Smoke testing for sewer gas is the process of introducing smoke into sanitary waste or drain lines to look for leaks within the system. These leaks are typically allowing sewer gases to enter into the building. Sewer gas can be extremely dangerous. It can make people ill. In extreme cases it can cause death and the gasses can also be explosive. Typically, its the smell of rotten eggs and the complaint of feeling ill from the smell that leads customers to request a smoke test.

Superjet uses a state of the art smoke machine. It produces a non-toxic OSHA compliant smoke that does not leave any residue. We can produce smoke for as long as necessary and the air volume of the machine or CFM is completely controllable. With this machine, we can test anything from a 900 square foot house to a 20,000+ square foot warehouse. The smoke testing process is extremely accurate at finding leaks that can be hidden anywhere, even buried inside walls.

Between Smoke Testing of Sewers and a Change Out of Utility Meters and a pouncing of Seat Belt Patrols one would tend to believe some entity is sprucing up the place before a sale!


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