Of #Weinergate – The Congressman Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks!

Gateway Pundit reports House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Says Rep. Weiner “Should Come Clean” (Video) and America agrees. It has to be transparent, even to Anthony Weiner, that his “shock-jocking” denials are not believed by anyone.

Anthony Weiner still has yet to request that the proper authorities initiate an investigation. Why would that be the case?

1 He can lie to reporters

2 He can lie to his voters

3 He can lie to his attorney

4 He can not lie to Congress

5 He can not lie to law enforcement

I do believe that it is well past time that U.S. House of Representatives Sargeant at Arms Wilson Livingood begin examining this “apparent breach” of a U.S. Congressman’s verified Twitter account. It is imperative that the integrity of the U.S. Congressional members, and their computer activities, be secure as well as any computer alert implementations – 051211FY_2012_StatementoftheHonorableWilsonLivingood.
And one more thing… If Anthony Weiner is a grown man and a Representative of the People, why display a youth pic as an avatar, with an official U.S. title in the profile? Is this appropriate or a fishing device?


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