Why I Sent These To A Document File Specialist

The original source has been forwarded to the file specialist & why?

Because the United States of America, as well as the rest of the world, has a right to know if Obama changed his name based on another forged document. 

Something stinks to high heaven and it smells like treason!

Will keep all posted when results come through.


4 responses to “Why I Sent These To A Document File Specialist

  1. this stuff has been floating around for months and so far no one is making a move to do anything about it, when it comes to good old Barry everyone puts their head down and goes to sleep. If it turns out to be true so what, first we are afraid of riots in the streets, then its , well we don’t want Joe biden, then its, it will get everything too messed up, etc. I look at it this way, if you arrest him now for the imposter he is, everything he has doen for the past 3 years is null and void, wouldn’t that be nice, we won’t have to pay for his pension and medical for the rest of his life and those body guards for the next 25 years. he is aso there for the Muslims and to help them get a foothold in the USA , he is doing a good job on that one and now he has sold Boise Idaho to the Chinese, link following, get the usurper out, now, before he sells the whole world to aliens. he never had a right to the Presidency and should not have been allowed to run, take care of the people who covered for him, including the Supreme court.

  2. Remember if he is null & void- the Democratic ticket was including Biden, every appointment including Sotomayor, Kagan, Judges etc are, deals/bills, edicts/promises/commitments/etc are, Pelosi & Reid were enabling traitors…. It would be a huge turnover with a multitude of arrests around the nation for treason…. perfect use for those FEMA camps. The only challenge would be since the ticket was illegal does the Presidency revert to McCain/Palin or would Boehner be elevated or would the Congress place another. 3 Valid ways to reconstruct our United States of America.


    Barach H. Obama has commited treason and sidition. Which is high crimes
    and he should be expelled from office.A federal judge ordered him to immediately stop “OBAMACARE”. He proceeded anyway.Lieing on every
    issue.Passing illegal legislation. Not protecting our Borders.Omiting the
    ‘WAR POWERS ACT’. What else does this illegal President have to do before
    people wake up and realize he has raped and destroyed the FREEDOM in America.Our dollar has been Obama’s number one target. Everything we have worked so hard for will soon be gone.So America just keep sitting back and
    close your eyes and when you wake up you’ll see Russia run by Islamic extremist.

  4. You are absolutely right the b/c doesn’t mean anything when there is absolute proof of treason. High crimes requires immediate arrest.

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