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Don’t Care About a Dirty Dog “Arab Spring”… Don’t Want to See Our USA “Fall or Fail”!

How does an Arab Spring, an Usurper and our United States of America taxpayers’ dollars cross paths?

With Domestic Forgiveness or Funding and G8 Funding Support.


No one voted to send and/or forgive money, to any other religious group or political system from our shores, overseas ? Is this what Obama was signaling when he was caught off guard by Joe the Plumber in this, now historical, gaffe of the century…

… as he is spreading the wealth of America overseas?

This is the theft of America by a treasonous and traitorous Usurper. Where is Congress, Law Enforcement, and the Military who were all formed to protect our United States of America from within and outside our borders? Anyone? Anyone?

Alas, there are no heroes, only an Usurper Zero!


D-Day Tribute – The Sacrifices Endured For the Betterment of The Entire World

They Came, They Advanced, and so Many Died…

D-Day 6/6/44

Uploaded by on Feb 1, 2006

The invasion of Normandy on June 6th, 1944.

Yesterday I found a beautiful memory website for the military and more on D-Day, Normandy and Beyond. If you have a veteran who is ready to relay his record of service or a cherished handed-down family or service member’s diary of war-time memories, I am sure they would make a wonderful addition to the “Add Your Story” link on this site’s sidebar.

We can never forget the growing pains of, the sacrifices made for, and the restorations to our United States of America continuously for well over, 200 years! She’s always been worth fighting for… “Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!”