SCREAMING Forgeries… Not One Legitimizes the Usurper!

Pick one, any one of the documents out there… not one of them legitimizes the Usurper…

Originally supplied by Obama team:

Recently supplied by the White House:

More Trusted Versions of Documents:

The only truth revealed in all of these documents is that there is an Usurper in the White House. Not one validates, or could have ever been used by Nancy Pelosi to vet, Barack Obama. What did Nancy know, why and when, she created these two very different vetting documents?

The Logical Conclusion is that once the birth certificates supplied by Obama minions were known to be forgeries, that any and all documents based on one or the other, and over the years, have all been fraudulent. Who is this man and why does he remain in office?

And what about the treasonous Nancy Pelosi? By her own hand, she handed the reins of the United States of America to an imposter, usurper, and traitor? Where is America’s outrage? #weinergate was the test… Patriots to your keyboards! Reveal what the Lame Main Stream Media refuses to report! It’s our time and it’s HIGH TIME!


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