A Patriotic Natural Born American – Sarah Palin

Sarah has been here since day one… she has been right all along… and she has been an inspiration enduring the Liberal Lunacy MSM minions for over two years. She is the shining example of what America is all about! Spunk!

American Foundations

Uploaded by on Jun 8, 2011

4 responses to “A Patriotic Natural Born American – Sarah Palin

  1. How could you NOT love, love, love this woman and family? She’s the epitome of American exceptionalism!

  2. You know, she is everything, that Obama is not!

  3. Im amazed how the palinites ignore her endorsing of Amnesty for Illegals, Cap & Tax etc., her constant support of RINO Juan McLame and everything he “stands for”.Funny how they ignore her betrayal of her Alaska voter supporters when she stabbed them in the back, and quit as Governor, supposedly because of lawsuits that suddenly went away when she quit, a tactic that hasn’t and isn’t being used anywhere or by anyone else.She’s a pundit, not a candidate, her only goal is to sell books. So like obongo she keeps her luvers drooling, and they get nothing in return. The minute she was to announce herself as a candidate she loses her FOX contract and the $1.5 Million they pay her. She changed handlers and the palinites are really in love with them, funny how palinites can’t name her handlers..I would suggest that her “supporters” get serious about a repub candidate and get back to reality..palin ain’t it..

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