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Weinergate Anthem

The new face of the Democratic Party and it’s current theme song brought about by Anthony Weiner’s #weinergate.

The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go

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This is the song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” from The Clash with the lyrics 🙂

He should resign! There are no more excuses when Police Begin to Investigate Weinergate Twitter Exchanges With A Minor.


Police Begin to Investigate Weinergate Twitter Exchanges With Minor

Hey Congress, do you think it might be time to eject your little boney crony? With the start of what may be many police investigations of inappropriate Twitter exchanges, with a minor, Weinergate shows no signs of slowing? But it does appear to be enlarging, firmly, on the hairy (or in this case hairless) fringes of criminal behavior!

Oh… the irony from Anthony Weiner’s own New York 9th District site On The Issues

Rep Weiner's Own Page Screen Captured

The pertinent ironic statements enlarged


Another case of a fox guarding the hen house

The hypocrisy escapes no reader.

The Lame MSM Steps Up To Vet Potential Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

Hey America, look as the Lame Main Stream Media decides to take appropriate vetting steps for Sarah Palin as a potential candidate for U.S. President.

Well… that’s going to save Sarah and a majority of Americans from busting their rumps doing so as even the New York Times stepped up their concern to really research details via help wanted ads:

It is great to see that the Lame Stream Media has stepped up, clearly concerned for Sarah Palin,  and has undertaken such a massive endeavor to validate and cleanly support her potential run. Who knew?