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Weinergate Resignation Rally Request By New York Constituents

Will the Lame Main Stream Media Report This…

Rally in Queens calling for Anthony Weiner to resign (Parts 1 & 2)

…or this video below? It is sadly staged with a tight camera aperture view of only the defiant and combative few? Is this the muster of the Liberal, Socialistic, Left-Leaning, Democrats for a self-confessed internet porn provider and liar… I just bet your moms are so proud!

Pro-Weiner Counter Protest


Weinergate Poll Doesn’t Quite Measure Up to Liberal Spin

Freshly screen-captured:

Who is lying for who now and why i
n Weiner’s dickstrict?

Updated at 5:30 pm CST

NY Constituents Call for Weiner to Resign

Hey, Weiner, you are opposed at every turn, how long before the handcuffs are put on?