Lock Boxes Pass, But Miss the Smell Test, in Cedar Falls… Iowa Residents

Coming to a town near you?

Tonight I witnessed a Kangaroo City Council operating in Cedar Falls Iowa via the live webcast.

You can too Watch Channel 15. Iowans make sure you download it before another session. Never forget your town could be next. I’m sure Youtube will have a copy in a few days as well.

The Mayor and Fire Chief are both an abomination to their positions. Appalling! They epitomize Liberal swill with no facts, wrong stats, & copious supplies of ignorance. Outright arrogant, they both should be examined financially because… Iowa… something doesn’t smell right. If your city council agenda states “..PASS Ordinance #2740…” before you do, then it was predetermined. It never mattered what, how, where, or when the people expressed their concerns as the truth is revealed in the City Council Agenda 06-13-2011.

Nick Taiber

He was the lone shining example of an American Patriot on this council who voted the constituents’ voices. God Bless him!


One response to “Lock Boxes Pass, But Miss the Smell Test, in Cedar Falls… Iowa Residents

  1. My prayers for Cedar Falls, Iowa. Tyranny never smells good. This sounds like something Obama is doing. It is a smoke and mirrors thing again. So he can mock alarmisists. It is his Motis Operandi. Not many black people would believe this, unless it happened to them. This is sheer madness. Power hungry madness.

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