The Perfect Plan to Stimulate Job Growth and the Economy

Let’s say that the Usurper is finally arrested and removed from his seat, as well as, all of the treasonous traitors who assisted in foisting this goon upon the United States of America. All of his illegitimate edicts, bills, promises, etc would be null and void. All of his appointments would be removed from their positions and many would also be arrested. The illegally acquired assets and salaries of these numerous traitors would be seized and liquidated.

There would be a phenomenal number of job openings such as

*Immediate turnover throughout Washington DC at the White House, Supreme Court & Congress
*Executions for treason would be final tributes to witness for historical sake and “at this point” enjoyment.
*Prisons and Guards “would necessarily” increase in quantity.
*The Globetrotting Media would go to Hawaii, Illinois, DC & spend money on hotels, restaurants, shopping while watching the circus unfold and researching.
*Print shops would be hammered with new administration work.
*Attorneys would be working on defense & prosecution.
*Newly graduated and untainted journalists could replace every lying Main Stream Media TV/Radio/Newspaper “celebrity” that towed the Usurper’s lines. Freedom of the press would actually mean something.
*Thousands of conservatives would initiate those businesses that they have been holding back on due to deceptive governance.
*Closing the borders and ejecting the illegals who have been occupying American jobs.
*Parties and festivity planning and supplies would be at an all time high.
*There are many more but look at the positives…

This is the United State of America and it was built for the good of the many, not for “That One”… Usurper.


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