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What Are The Connections?

Since our Lame Stream Media fails to investigate, Bloggers, I urge one and all to examine the connections…~


Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Anthony Weiner
Huma Abedin
Muslim Brotherhood
Barack Hussein Obama

For a start, take a Gander at these links provided all in one place

Has Weinergate provided an entrance to Clintongate and additional fuel to Obamagate? Is another government official (or several) compromised?


Wild Cloud in Central Arkansas

Photo credit: Nene

This cloud system remained nearly stationary for well over an hour tonight (6.15.11) as darkness descended in Central Arkansas.

Under the cover of darkness this wild mushroom shaped cloud, truly resembled the Man-O-War jellyfish, as it emitted arcs of lightening. They were smooth rounded arcs, not jagged bolts, that varied into bursts of light display. The interior of the cloud seemed to be gelatinous with a wide color spectrum of fluctuations. It was similar to the Aurora Borealis but on steroids. The digital camera couldn’t capture the fantastic light display or the encircling cloud swell. However, that wasn’t the strangest part of the event.

The cloud initially moved in a southeast direction, then slowly moved north, and finally began to travel in a southwesterly direction. For researchers, the loop from 8pm CST until 11:30 pm CST confirms my observation.

The latest screen capture reveals even more… HAARP Rings anyone? anyone?