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Flash Mob Slobs Showing Their Idiocy in the USA… What a Drag!

When a national product produces a national commercial which proves that flash mobs are viewed foolishly by Americans, you would think the mindless minions would discontinue their radical adventures…

Idiot Example Commercial

Alas, they can not help themselves as they spout the most ridiculous statements that are self-defeating. Why were these tools not at work? Did they call in sick? We know Liberals have no scruples therefore they must comply as ordered… mindless minions. Un-Americans on display, place on ignore please as they are a drag.

The SEIU Rallies Around A Verizon Wireless Store, We Ask Why?

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It claims that higher taxes will help unemployment somehow and now the SEIU is taking it our on a wireless phone store. Sounds a little off target. ALG’s Brad Tidwell tries to make sense of it…and he has to try hard.

SEIU the Job Killing Crew, not one sharp tool in the shed!!!

Andrew Breitbart Gang-rushed at Netroots 2011

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This was nuts.

So a real journalist, with ethics, real facts, and truthful reports, stops by the unethical Netroots aka Nutroots and the Liberal shouts, hate-spewing extremism by the Nutrooters began. What a harass attack by juvenile delinquents. Bet your moms are so proud, NOT!