Help the Cause * Dutchsinse is Multi-Talented * Listen to His Song

Who knew Dutchsinse had so many talents…

Be a Champion — by ‘Just Bryn’ / produced by Dutchsinse & Jud Mahoney (uk)

Uploaded by on Jun 17, 2011

If you want to help support my cause…. THIS is what I worked on these past several months.. download and share it! hope you all like it :^)

Just Bryn singing “Be a champion”

download the song for free @ my blog:

If you want to help support my work.. you can try to get this song “on the air”… i.e.. radio!

If this song/album sells.. I will be able to do my video work full time with no worries!!!! please help share this song ANY way you can.

Free for distribution and re-download.

This is just ONE of the several awesome songs I co-produced with Jud Mahoney over in the UK. Download and share it — and again, please.. request this song by Just Bryn to be played by your local radio station!!!!

Im serious!

These video shots are from the Radiation measurement road trip , june 2011

much love


Everyone who has been helped by Dutchsinse’s work remember while you listen to this beautiful rendition.


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