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You’re a Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot… Mr. Gore!

From the same Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot that attempted to spread his seed with someone other than his wife and mother to his four children (while he was married), then proceeds to blame all women and girls advising them to take up the responsibility to control the population of the planet??? Are you kidding me? Why doesn’t he just open the travel agency to the Super Abortion Center in Houston so he can collect his commissions now! It’s obviously an issue for Democrats and male responsibility and/or genitalia. Cite: Weinergate where male members may be exposed without responsibility until the masses are awakened or where his former direct supervisor needed the word “IS” defined?

Now that the Democrats have attempted to antagonize races, religions, ages, they brought in the Climategate fool to be the great dividing tool to irritate the sexes for their Carbon Credit ploy.

Gore: Have Less Kids, Save Planet

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*****Known to have been “…Recorded on June 20, 2011 using a Flip Video camera…”

Where is the equality again Mr. Gore? You shame and defame your sex!