Peter Falk Tribute – Fond Memories

Farewell Peter Michael Falk (September 16, 1927 – June 23, 2011)

I loved Peter Falk and have my own, personally obtained, autographed photo to prove it. As Columbo, he portrayed America’s first real competition to England’s Sherlock Holmes. He was always the inspiration for me to dig further into any situation and, thus, currently my conservative blogging.

My favorite clips of Mr. Falk outside of Columbo follow:

and as Joy Boy in Pocketful of Miracles!


One response to “Peter Falk Tribute – Fond Memories

  1. Quite simply, one of the greatest actors who ever lived! God bless you Peter Falk! Lieutenant “Frank” Columbo ( for those who didn’t know his first name) will go down in TV history as the best at out-witting the criminal masterminds on a weekly basis. His “puppy-dog eyed” innocence, and seemingly simple mind hid the fact that he was usually on to the killer very quickly, and would quietly plan to trap them into confessing ( that’s when he would start humming “This Old Man”). In real life he was friendly and personable to his fans, and would always give you the time of day! Unfortunately I never got to meet him! He will be dearly missed! Condolences to his Wife and Daughters.

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