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Will South Dakota Suffer Another of the Usurper’s Man-Made Disasters

As Dutchsinse reveals this evening:

6/27/2011 — Gavins Point Dam, SD — Personally VERIFIED standing water north in MT, SD, NE, IA,

Uploaded by on Jun 27, 2011

Next video is the shot we took crossing the highway very close to Gavins point dam…

I have personally seen flood waters at their maximum just a week and a half ago as I drove across the entire country on the radiation measurement journey.

EVERY river is at its maximum… several unreported in the MSM for sure.. now we see the reports of the Gavins Point Dam, Yankton, SD — to be “blown” up north along the Missouri River.

Here is terrals page:


report on “blowing the dam” :

There’s no denying the potential when the Army Corps of Engineers suddenly requires “Foot traffic restricted below Gavins Point Dam” today?

All of the very peculiar disasters during the Usurper’s regime initially seemed random, but now it appears to be… one purposeful attack after attack. The voting public will have a lengthy memory for disasters inflicted from the Lunatic Left upon the good people of the United States of America and there will be hell to pay in 2012 at the polls… you can count on it! The treasonous traitors will be swallowed up in jail cells and few may escape the ultimate penalty. How far will you go in DC to CYA?