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And the “Undocumented” aka Illegals Wonder Why They Are Held in Low Esteem

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Illegals Block Streets, Get Arrested!

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Six young illegal immigrants sat down in the middle of the road in downtown Atlanta next to the Georgia State Capitol to dare the police to arrest them; blocking a medical vehicle, as well as other traffic. The crowds chanted “undocumented, unafraid” “education nor deportation” “no Nathan Deal, no KKK, demand our human rights” and “we are the collective”. Communist and other extremist literature was distributed among the attendees.

And these A$$hats wonder why they garner no respect… the “collective” what are they, part of the Borg? They seem to be ridiculously controlled and of one obtuse mindset. They are just what the Left & the Usurper crave. Once they are used up, they will be nothing more than traction under the Obama bus.

Little tip illegals… no one is keeping you here… and don’t let the fence hit you on the way out. Ta-ta!