Illegals Broke Into the USA and Now Demand, Demand, Demand

Thanks to for providing the full view of the illegal fools again.

Look, if this was just my house that you broke in to and started screaming at me how I needed to change my curtains, stole my child’s change out of his piggy bank, ate my food, threatened me with violence and more… instead of knocking at my door, asking politely for a dollar, and a sandwich… I’d kick your behind to the curb or worse. You ungrateful heathens:

Illegal Immigrant Mob Mentality, ATL GA

Uploaded by on Jun 30, 2011

Ann Coulter has laid bare the mob mentality of Leftism in her best-selling book “Demonic”. Recently, mob mentality was on clear display in downtown Atlanta during a bombastic Illegal Immigration Pride Rally inside and outside the Georgia State Capitol building.

The participants, proudly “coming out” as illegal immigrants, used a myriad of extreme emotions to assail state and local laws. The juxtaposition of Leftist lawlessness over and against rule of law and reasonableness could not have been clearer. The state of Georgia provided a platform for their ranting inside the State capitol behind a podium bearing the state seal. Why? Because proper permits were applied for and approved. However, in the face of such civility, the illegal immigrants and their supporters taunted and jeered, equating the governor and state government to the KKK. Participants distributed literature railing against others with the vilest of rhetoric, attributing to political opponents the worst of motives…

After their petulant display within the capitol building, they march and chanted around downtown Atlanta, returning to a busy intersection in front of the Gold dome, blocking traffic by sitting in protest, hoping to be arrested in front of a fawning gaggle of media representatives from print, radio, and television.

So how did Law enforcement react in the face of those who had contempt for them? With patience professionalism and honor!

Is this chaos the America we want? Is the mob mentality of the Democrat party good for our future? 2012 is coming…

Little tip illegals… no one is keeping you here… and don’t let the fence hit you on the way out. Ta-ta!


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