The UK Learns Progressive Really Means Regressive, as History Repeats Itself

If you think history doesn’t repeat itself, think again…

Walt Disney Cartoon – Hitler’s Children Education For Death

Why would “Two-year-olds ‘to be given compulsory education checks’ “ in England? The Daily Telegraph reporting today finalizes the article with this little barb~

“…Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrat Children’s Minister, said: “The importance of the early years – as a foundation for life and for future attainment and success – cannot be over estimated. That’s why it’s vital we have the right framework to support high quality early years education.”

I’m sure there’s nothing to be concerned about for you parents in the UK. It’s not as if the youth in the UK are radicals or engage in hysterical leftist mob events, OOPS! It’s not like there will be a ‘pecking order’ list established via government directives, move on… Now where have I heard these progressive liberal Democratic terms before? Pre-teens will probably begin receiving their state-sponsored copies of Mein Kampf in their private email data bases to study in school, if it isn’t already in the works.

How Nazi-esque!


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