How Many Bad Decisions Can 1 College Make? The Time It Takes To Spend Students’ Tuitions? Let’s Ask Brandeis, Shall We?

Nazis and Paintings… where have I heard about those before and together???

Brandeis, Where is The Money?

July 2011 Brandeis Doesn’t Sell Paintings

October 2010 Amid budget crisis, univ spent big on administrators

April 2010 With Glenn Beck’s Call to Action Looks Like Brandeis University Has Second Thoughts on Nazi Logo

Stimulus 2009

Screen captured Link pictured below on original search, please investigate… where is all of the money that has been received from various sources? What necessitated, wanting to sell, donated paintings in the first place? Alumni? Alumni?

Evidently, Brandeis has poor money management skills, cooked books, or ‘outstanding’ bonuses and payroll. Which is it? All of them?

Parents of Brandeis students… would you like to know where your hard earned money has gone? Would you like a sample of what your child is learning? Take a gander at the Heller School on Vimeo. Very interesting!

When will progressives realize that they create regressive recessions?


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