When Will Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro Step Down or Be Incarcerated?

Just a small sampling of the damage inflicted by the Usurper by his deeds, his minions, and his interference…

OBAMA Forces Sunshine Dodge Isuzu in Melbourne Florida to close

Wilkerson: ‘Obama forced top Intel Officer out’

Barack Obama rend hommage au “désir de liberté” des Tunisiens

Obama Comes Out Against Mubarak In Egypt

[LIBYA] Obama Orders Gaddafi to Step Down, Reasons With Air Force, RT 04/03/2011

Ivory Coast: Obama Tells Gbagbo To Step Down From Power

Does Obama realize that it is now well past time for him to resign?
He could resign quietly and run like hell to another country… but his narcissistic and megalomaniac personality will not permit the thought that he is WRONG.

He has committed treason upon America, embarrassed himself on the world stage, engaged in conduct unbecoming a President of the USA, attempted to subvert the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court and “We the People”.

Will Project Gunrunner aka Project Gunwalker aka Fast and Furious finally be enough? Will Project Castaway (Breaking News: Source claims ATF’s Tampa SAC walked guns to Honduras) be the final fiasco that will repulse, by the sheer numbers of murders and associated crimes, the military or the Congress into locating their collective spines to “protect and defend”?

It has now become an inevitable moment for our United States of America and a dark moment in our history!

We, The TEA Party, did it before… We, The TEA Party, can do it again!

Vote Smart, Vote Right, Vote For AMERICAN Might in 2012!


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