Harvard Loses Clout and Class With Recent Academics’ Works of Skewed Prose

As Overlawyered presents the piece “Harvard Researchers Want Fat Kids Taken From Their Homes”, this article mentions two “…Harvard scholars…” skewed work. What is it about Harvard University that produces such moronic prose such as ” Harvard Study Says Independence Day Is Right-Wing Brainwashing” that was in fact written by 2 Swedes? hmm?

Would Harvard scholar number one Lindsey Murtagh, JD, MPH have any practical real world experience on which to base her opinion? hmm? Apparently not!

Would Harvard scholar number two David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD. have an agenda, blog, book, or program to sell? Why yes, yes he does!

Screen Capture From B&N

And the ultimate face of the Progressive Liberal dieting is “Was Michelle Obama’s Shake Shack Visit Hypocritical?” aka First Lady “Thunder Thighs”!

Why should this biased piece of terror be carried over to the Liberal MSM news networks? Is it to terrorize children during the summer recess? How many young impressionable children and teens will feel to need to practice Manorexia, Bulimia, or Anorexia if they happened to see this report? What a sick and twisted release!


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