Stagnant and Stupid – The Usurper’s Way

There was no ‘stimulus’, there is no ‘recovery‘ and there is no ‘magical wand’ for the Usurper. The daily dose of repetitious lies spouted via the UBS (Usurper Broadcasting System) formerly known as the Lame Main Stream Media is contrived and over propped by the media minions. No one is buying the “Trauma of Obama“… yet… we are witness to the “Drama of the Obama ‘Brahma’ Bull” continually.

One obtusely staged event has been the Cut-Cap-Balance_1-Pager Plan.The Usurper was set, if passed by the entire Congress, to veto. The people of the United States of America were, as was validated even by a USB arm (CNN results), behind the bill 2 to 1. Now the 2010 Republican led U.S. House of Representatives built and passed the CCB in a timely and transparent fashion. This in direct contrast to the Demonic Democratic led Congress which continually failed to do this job from 2008-2010 and with the same Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate for well over the 800+ days, Harry Reid’s gang has produced nothing… just in step with the Usurper? THE mindless minion, Harry Reid, decided voting to table the CCB Plan in the U.S. Senate was a spunky idea. This was just another “in your face” to “We the People” and a choreographed attempt to salvage the numerous plunging polls that fly freely in the Usurper’s face.

2010 We Had Only Just Begun, 2012 Is Going to be Hell… for the Demonic Democrats! Game On!


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