A View of America by an American!

Since Unemployment rose in nearly all US cities as Yahoo reports, and the stock market steadily declines… Obama cries, Congress lies, and the economy dies.

Or as Hubby puts it:

All info given to the people of the United States is bogus, and here is more proof. Every “adjusted” report is crap. We are in a depression; the President has no clue on how to run a business other than to use it as a tax write off, and he’d probably be making millions on this business loss!!!!! The Tea Party has done a lot. But unless Sarah Palin runs for President, the country will not survive with the Ho Hum group of Republicans that are running now! We need someone who will go toe to toe with the whole bunch of them on Capital Hill and get this country back on its feet, run it like a winning business and stop the handouts! We know so far that the President never “pals around” with real businessmen, just CEO’s that are looking for more Government contracts to keep them afloat. GE would be in the history books by now, if it weren’t for Uncle Sam.

UPDATE at 5:25pm CST Change You Were Deceived In or Brother… Can You Spare Some Change?
Is everyone ready to change back to America the Beautiful yet?


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