First Usurper Obama and Demonic Democrats Tank U.S. Credit Rating

The cracks are opening wide, the DC Pirates are taking the United States of America on a long walk off a short plank…

You know, Obama, if you and Harry Reid had embraced any previous version where the Republicans had made the necessary cuts, the S & P rating would be unchanged. But as Bloomberg reports the S&P Cuts U.S. Rating for First Time on Deficit Pact. There is going to be a clean sweep in DC come the 2012 election. And yes, Obama… and Democrats… and RINOs… it is all your fault! Don’t try to pass the blame or look surprised when it happens, as Patriots have been evaluating your disastrous performance and will correct the problem at the ballot box. The Tea Party is the caretaker of the U.S. Constitution and will keep up the heat with no retreat. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!

One response to “First Usurper Obama and Demonic Democrats Tank U.S. Credit Rating

  1. wondersnevercease

    well sad to say there wiont be a clean sweep because obama is just a puppet of the bush regime and the new world order! its way past the ballott box change way way way past that! wake up people! He is just the new world order slave yes slave! he doesnt control anything they control him! and as soon as they are done with him theyll put the next puppet in place! the United states has been taken over by a regime we are no longer in control of our country.

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