If You Don’t Think Liberal Tooling & Trolling Are In Full Blown Attack & Panic Mode, Check This Out

The massive minion patrol is on full-blown panic now as Obama and the Democrats have continually wrought havoc upon the United States of America these last several years. Witness the sudden uptick, on my blog stats, in the Liberal Dementia…

The Liberal Tools and Trolls can not defend the indefensible actions that their “Gang” or “Thug” leaders have pursued. There have been no winning moments, no great revelations, but there has been a total lawlessness and lack of adherence to the U.S. Constitution by the DC Gang. So just as ordered… these Maladjusted Tools begin their game of repetitious banter of maligning Conservatives and Conservative values via the smarmy Yellow JOURNOLIST group that truly never disbanded (just one example of many) , the “in the tank for Obama” Lame Main Stream Media (just one example of many) , the Majority of Hollywood (who also make a living lying about who they are on the silver screen), and the threatened or the ignorant union members (who watch job after job go overseas).

The tools and trolls are digitally mining Conservative blog sites, but they can not infect if you protect your site. They show up at TEA Parties, 912 Events, and Summits where they immediately indicate their radical agenda and are summarily revealed to be plants. During this administration, one of usurpation, Liberal minions have bitten off a man’s thumb, smeared dog feces on buildings, beaten up vendors, assaulted the elderly, pushed a young woman down onto the ground, thrown various items, screamed like a psycho, and so many other indiscretions that only a Liberal mother could tolerate and nurture. The Obamaniacs or Obama’s Court Jesters despise truth, facts, and laws.

Yet the Patriotic message is getting out…  Conservatives have been correct every time the Liberals have been deceitful, conniving, and cowards.

Do trolls and tools recognize their foolish Liberal position that is eerily similar in this clip…

The Court Jester (1956) – “The Maladjusted Jester”

Uploaded by on May 19, 2007

Scene from The Court Jester (1956) starring Danny Kaye.

…if not, they are not paying attention. Americans laugh at their childish “Flash Slob Mobs”, their continual arrests, their divisiveness, and their lunacy. They are the last of a lost generation and good riddance.


One response to “If You Don’t Think Liberal Tooling & Trolling Are In Full Blown Attack & Panic Mode, Check This Out

  1. Oh yes, this confirms my stats record…

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