Barry’s Scary Fairies Dare Compare TEA Party & American Patriots to Blame for Incompetent DC

The fear mongering Barry’s Scary Fairies march forth to strike through verbal attacks upon Patriots and the TEA Party… There is no fear, they are either immature or politically profiteering followers of the Usurping leader and flutter to wherever they are ordered. Barry’s Scary Fairies have a right to free speech, and there is no need to intercede, just video record every word of these Un-Patriotic Tools & Trolls. As they continually agitate to escalate into their ultimate leftist physical attack agenda, these bombastic recordings will provide evidence of pre-meditated attack acts.

Notice it is the same offenders and players, starting up again! A few are already on record as they gear up for 2012 and a major District of Columbia shellacking soon to come:

June 18 – The Lowest on the Liberal Totem Pole in Barry’s Scary Fairies even throws glitter in the video “The State of the Modern Left: Throw Stuff at People With Whom You Disagree

July 27McCain refers to ‘tea party hobbits,’ blasts Bachmann-backed idea
July 31 Van Jones Goes on NPR to Promote His Anti-Tea Party Group
August 4 KUHNER: Tea Party ‘terrorists’ re: Joe Biden comment
August 7John Kerry: It’s the Tea Party Downgrade (Video)
August 7Axelrod: This is a “Tea Party downgrade”
August 7Howard Dean says Tea Party has been ‘smoking some of that tea, not just drinking it’

Remember that those, who are elected officials, and that can be held accountable at the ballot box, must be, election after election. The Barry’s Scary Fairies are just ticked because they can’t confine, control, or eliminate true patriotism of “We the People” by words of hate or deeds of malice. They also can’t find TEA Party groups by a phone number or location… bwa ha ha! And no one is buying this line of bull from the “in the tank for Obama” mouthpiece, the New York Times Poll Shows Negative View of Tea Party on the Rise, as even a New York Times Columnist appears to recognize his own scripted maligning of the TEA Party and apologizes.

Just in case it is not transparent enough liberals… IT IS ALL OBAMA’S FAULT! This truth hurts and it hurts all AMERICANS.


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