A Florida Fish Tale or Tailing Crumpler – Exploring an ‘Operation Castaway’ Member

Once upon a time, not too long ago in the 80s, a Missouri gentleman made a mysterious entrance to Florida by the name of Hugh Crumpler. He had arrived to the Sunshine State separated, later divorcing his first wife, and very much down on his luck. But oh how his luck changed as in just over a year he got married, again, to Lorraine and with her financial backing entered fishing tournaments and began winning good money.

But as in any good tale… early happiness was fleeting as issues devolved into tense situations for the heroine, the new Mrs. Crumpler. Mr. Crumpler had to cool his heels in lockup. This was by no means an end to Hugh Crumpler the III’s entanglements.

Over the years, though, Hugh gained quite a collection of businesses (Fishing Guide, TV Show Host, Charter Service, Sponsor) and even authored books. What was the pivotal point that he descended into a gun runner and Operation Castaway?

Why did he need such a fast boat?

Oh this is why…

Curiously, at sentencing or end of trial he was not arrested but “…allowed to turn himself into the Bureau of Prisons…” and he only received 2 1/2 years in lockup? Why? PHOTO: Some of the weapons seized during arrest of Hugh Crumpler III.

Will the documents revealed in “Who Was Keeping ‘Operation Castaway’ Florida in Check? Where is Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder?” enhance his resume? Will Obama come calling?


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