Keeping an Open Mind to Science and the Earth’s Future in the Universe

Has it occurred to anyone else that it doesn’t seem to bother any country’s leaders that their populace is completely tuning out irrational policies and procedures that continually break the people’s’ backs financially, spiritually, and comfort levels from day to day? As these megalomaniac leaders subvert their national laws, people are awakening in various countries and growing closer to Natural Law. One has to wonder what is with all the hubbub and frequent international leadership meetings… what do these leaders know and what are they doing in preparation? Or is it intentional chattel herding through the auspices of Agenda 21?

A Few Possibilities Indicating Knowledge of Dire Consequences:

Would it have to do with the fact that the Earth and the Solar System are destined to return to an apocalyptic position in the universe by crossing our galactic plane which occurs once every 5000+ years?

Is there an outside object hurtling through time and space that could affect climate, stability, and the surface of the Earth itself? Is this a possible or probable future map of the United States of America?

Has there been an alternate war ongoing for several millennium and have Roswell and further vital records of proof of extraterrestrials been concealed from the people across the planet or evidence erased through technological advances?

Looking into Possible Preparations

Why does The Svalbard Global Seed Vault exist?

Why are there underground food storage centers and former undisclosed facilities? Who has paid for these in the past and who is paying for them presently?

Is there currently an underground system of U.S. high-speed rail travel? If so, who is operating it and who is paying for it? Did Joe Biden let another cat out of the bag and was his push for high-speed rail a quick fix or distraction for future denial by the Usurper Obama?

These are just a few disturbing bits of information. Don’t even get me started on the increasingly deadly, yet nonsensical ongoing wars, with hokey ‘rules of engagement’ staged for religion, drugs, weapons, money, oil, and rare earth elements and minerals.


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