Oh How the Unions Have Been Tooled – Wakey! Wakey!

I wonder how the American Postal Workers Union is taking the cutting news of “Hope & Change: Even Government-Run Agencies Are Going Out of Business“. Did you fall for Obama’s bombastic railings or Trumka’s usage of the White House blog, over the last couple of years, to validate abuse of your union’s persuasive voting agenda? What union will wake up and when?

Was it before, during or after GM’s or Chrysler’s jobs and ownership went overseas? No 
Why not?

Was it before, during or after GE jobs went overseas or your leader landed in Obama’s pocket? No
Why not?

Do union members realize that they have been tooled to attend radical events and adhere to a verbal to physical attack agenda on command… and now “Some unions to skip 2012 convention” but may attend with Liberal lunatics at the Crybaby 1 movement or Crybaby 2 movement and more raging events in just September. Are you starting problems and riots to make yourself popular, cool, or because you are making a buck? Will you bite someone’s finger off, punch or push down someone, spread dog excrement over residences, scream like lunatic banshees, rape someone, beat a person, or destroy property for the sake of ???? Don’t act surprised if it’s news to you, the Main Stream Media doesn’t report on it. It’s happened the last several years as you and others have followed the tune of the Usurper aka Obama. Wake up fools! Are you cattle or humans?

Will this enlighten you~

Hegalian Dialectic

Uploaded by on Sep 30, 2009

Also known as Thesis Antithesis & Synthesis, Problem Reaction Solution, and Order Out Of Chaos. This tactic has been employed by rulers for quite some time.

Unions are not free in cost, mind, or votes. They are artificially induced politically manipulated voting blocks and after use they are discarded like trash by the Democrats.

Never forget that America is a Republic!

Bust a Union and Save the United States of America!

Decertify a Union and Live Free!

The reason that the TEA Party is continually attacked is due to the fact it is an ever morphing and modulating body of free thinking Americans with no directives or leaders. Union members what do you think?


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