Calling Treasonous Traitors Out One at a Time… Thank-You Rick Perry!

Rick Perry on Printing money being treasonous, IA 08-15-11

Uploaded by on Aug 15, 2011

It is so past the time of ‘political correctness‘ and getting on to the TRUTH!

As stated, Governor Rick Perry: Bernanke would be ‘treasonous’ to use stimulus again was spot on! Now is the time to elevate the dialogue with truth… refreshing! I wish all Republicans would get on with the exposure of these treasonous traitors in DC (and it is not party specific, we can all agree that rat pack is bi-partisan) where many arrests are expected.


2 responses to “Calling Treasonous Traitors Out One at a Time… Thank-You Rick Perry!

  1. wondersnevercease

    Rick Perry is big pharmas golden boy and he is a bilderberger elite to the core dont be fooled by his scam and his false rhetoric. he know s how to play he has been playing for many, many years money talks to him. He forced children in texas to take big pharmas poisonous giardia vaccine and many are dead. how can you support him?

  2. He is not my candidate of choice, however, he has brought something key to the equation and that’s calling out the truth. If the candidates follow this technique, we might start to turn things around in this country. Too many in DC have sat on their hands with closed eyes, ears, & mouths. I support this achievement.

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