Daily Archives: August 17, 2011

Don’t Believe the Dirty Dem Socialists Crying Foul, They All Pal Around & Support the Usurper

Don’t get suckered by the Dirty Demonic Democratic Socialists and Liberals who appear to be railing against Usurper Obama. They are only playing ‘CYA‘ to try to hold onto their Seat Warming Positions.The judges, congressional members, and Main Stream Media are in full-blown panic mode as they realize that they are as naked and exposed as their ‘Wander Toy’.

Now they understand that there’s no chance that Obama will ever be re-elected and they have made no preparations for unemployment and living within their own means. The companies they railed against will be none to eager to pick up this deadbeat weight, nor will their words be hailed on resumes. I say justice may be slow, but it sure isn’t blind. The term ‘Democrat‘ has the worst connotation ever as it is often typed as ‘DemocRAT‘, and that in itself speaks volumes.

The TEA Party isn’t going anywhere. Even as ‘The Collective‘ attempts to disparage the movement, the movement is one step ahead of their whining. What is interesting and effective is that the Liberal Progressives self-identify in their frothing against the TEA Party and of course this sycophantic group is the only Bi-Partisan group in and about Washington, DC.

God Bless America!