The Usurpation Upon America Has Not Been Ignored by Higher Powers!

One has to wonder if God Almighty or Any and All Dead Presidents are sending, a certain Bogus POTUS, a strong message…

National Cathedral Washington D. C. Earthquake 5.9, Virginia

Uploaded by on Aug 23, 2011

Some earthquake damage to the Cathedral in Washington D.C

The ‘Present’ lying former Senator from Illinois, risked the wrath of the ages, as he began his very first day in Usurpation of the Office of the President, at the Washington National Cathedral for the traditional National Prayer Service on January 21. 2009. This was an “AFFRONT to GOD!

Obama is probably shaking in his skivvies and even his mother-in-law voodoo won’t do! This clearly explains the constant trips! While tremendous amounts of ‘bad juju‘ persist and was caused directly by this Usurper, “THAT ONE” has angered the Higher Powers That Be and they can not be placated with platitudes!

Remember in 2012 to vote for an Authentic Natural Born Citizen for President!


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