Sarah Palin in Iowa This Upcoming Saturday – Find Out the Particulars

I had an opportunity to interview our “Eyes on the Ground” in Iowa – Frank. He has contributed many times to so many in the blogosphere and now he has relayed many of the details of Sarah Palin’s anticipated event live via a phone call, now since recorded:

And an outline:

Restoring America Rally


Restoring America Rally presented by The Tea Party of America.


Indianola Iowa Balloon field, which is just a few miles south of Des Moines.

Time Frame:

Gates open @ 8:00 AM on Sept 3.  From 8 – 11 there will be entertainment and an open mike session for people who wish to speak.

The event itself starts @ 11:00 AM and continues until 2 PM with Sarah Palin to speak @ 1:30.

Admission is free, however, there is a $5.00 Parking fee for the grounds.  A very large section has been set aside for handicapped parking and also seating for the same.

There will be vendors of all types including food vendors +  most all of the contributors will have their big tents set up for people to browse through.


As stated on the flyer, Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker and has stated that she is making an announcement that day.  What that announcement is, nobody knows but Sarah, however, the rumor mill has it that she will announce candidacy for the Presidential Race of 2012.

The rest of the list of speakers has not been released by the organizers and I would suspect they have planned a surprise for us all.


With the interest generated by this event, we are hoping for 20,000 + attendees. It has been confirmed that buses are coming from California, New England, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, &  Texas.  How many buses from other states we are not sure.

Please check in your state to see if there are buses or caravans coming and please notify Bobbi of any additions.

I am sure Bobbi & and JoAnne Morietti have posted the flyer on their web-blogs.  I mention this as the flyer has a map of how to get the balloon field.

I would encourage all patriots who are able to come join us, not only for the entertainment, the speakers, but join in solidarity with the rest of the Patriots of the United States in RESTORING AMERICA WITH THE TEA PARTY OF AMERICA.

Very close attention has been paid to security as we have worked closely with law enforcement to make sure it is an event to be enjoyed by all.

Weather is calling for 83 degrees and partly cloudy so that usually means a nice southerly breeze.

Thank-you Frank for your Patriotism and keeping everyone informed!
For further information Frank’s email is



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