Tip of a Lifetime: When a Tropical Storm is Named, i.e. LEE, It’s Serious!

Tropical Depression 13 or Tropical Storm Lee is heavily laden with precipitation.

It’s advancing at 2 miles per hour and it is expansive. Logic, Peoplethere are going to be issues! I don’t want to hear any whining… again… since you don’t take care to prepare for disaster. Pay attention, or pay with your life! Is anyone in Joplin, Nashville, Tuscaloosa, Mineral, Fox Islands, or the entire state of Vermont gathering around and whining? Have they been whining? NO!

By the way, 6 years after Katrina, how are those levees in New Orleans? New Orleans Levees About to Get Near-Failing GradeOops!

Written in 2005 after watching the spectacle of defeatists…

No One to Blame

Katrina demolished the land that she struck.
For many people it was the worst of luck.
The Mayor came to the pulpit and said to flee.
Many stayed, where they wanted to be.

When 9/11 hit New York, with no warning call.
My sister, 8 1/2 months pregnant walked out with all.
San Francisco has suffered many earthquakes before
But this no one has blamed anyone for.

Alaska had the Valdez and a huge oil spill,
The coast damaged and animals killed.
Chicago had a raging fire that destroyed the city.
No one sat around and cried what a pity !

Galveston was once leveled, and no life lines.
The residents rebuilt it and came out fine.
Oklahoma had the Morrow Building blown apart.
The families worked together with whole heart.

You can rebuild, don’t blame others where you now room,
You had fair warning, pick up a bucket, a dust pan or broom.
Pick yourselves up and share in the load.
God helps them as the saying goes.

I speak from a fair disaster or two.
So this, for me, is nothing new.
I cried for 5 minutes and stood on my feet.
My family worked hard, we have a house on a street.

Nothing is stable though, here on the Earth.
She is spreading and shedding her mirth and her girth.
What I have today, can be gone tomorrow.
So I have learned no more sorrow.

Survive !


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