Will the White House ‘We the People’ Web Sub Site Be Farming Obama 2012 Re-ElectionTalking Points

Do you remember the previous bogus attempt and fiasco with Report This flag@whitehouse.gov? The Usurper is at it again with an upcoming ‘We the People‘ sub site on the White House website We the People | The White House. Why is the White House attempting to farm talking points for the 2012 campaign on the backs of your children? Oh that’s right, Obama has ABSOLUTELY NO RECORD to run on! He needs to find out every local issue so that the teleprompter can be preloaded with key talking points for your city or town on his never ending insane campaign.

I am sure that the Usurper realizes that encouraging 13-year-old children, who are ineligible to vote, to act in a politically motivated manner, with or without their parents consent, and registering their private email to a list of any sort, is inappropriate. This could also lead to criminal behavior by said Usurper’s workers… for questions arise with regard to what age/gender/sexual deviant might return email to these children? How many perverts are in the White House right now? Background checks, for any and all appointments, during this inept administration have been weak to non-existent. Will children be used as pawns away from their home and at their public school on school computers at the whim of a unionized teacher for a ‘special project’?

The National Archives will need to see and record these fictitious petitions and solicitation for same but a screen capture or two will have to do at the moment.

Petitions do not require solicitation or permission from the White House. Americans have a right to petition, via the First Amendment, without a specified number of signatures or preferential pickings by the Usurper. Let’s just call it for what it really is ‘Wee the Children‘ because Obama is getting all “wee-wee-ed up” in acts of desperation for 2012!


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