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Is The Carbon Capture Report Following You? It’s Following Me… Why?

The Carbon Capture Report is important how? Who is running it?

Highlighted Screen Capture is Worth 1000 Words

Or for convenience sake ~ 

© 2005-2011 The Carbon Capture Report. A service of the University of Illinois.


Check out their tacky info page on me.

And it goes on and on with stats and blah, blah, blah…

Who do you suppose is supporting payments to the University of Illinois and the other organizations for studies and reports? You win, if you guessed the American Taxpayer via the 2009 StimulusStimulus Watch Page. And here are a couple of interesting links with additional screen captures:



Now notice the last line above and here is that screen capture:

Climate Change is Garbage Science. It is the conning and emptying of America’s Coffers. This report should be titled “The Carbon CRAPsure Report“.