Welcome Back, Glenn Beck! Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out…

… and NOW, YOU will have the freedom to deliver the truth via

GBTV.com: The Home of the New Glenn Beck Program

Thank-you, Glenn, for supporting and inviting the First Responders of 9/11 and Clergy on your premiere episode, on this year’s 912. What a marvelous crew as Amy Holmes, anchor for TheBlaze.com,

Amy Holmes

delivered the news on the half hour marks and Raj Nair was introduced to the viewers.

So informative as usual, Glenn details the very first attack on American shores in 1916 with the Black Tom affair and how the Progressives suppressed and/or manipulated the event for political gamesmanship and to harass the major U.S. capitalists. Wow… not only had this been buried in the historical records, but it is eerily reminiscent of another horrific explosion and blast, recent political games, and attacks upon capitalists. History on a repeat performance?

Tomorrow appears to be another eye-opener as today Glenn was freely able to declare Obama a Marxist.

Glenn’s word is RESPONSIBILITY and desires to close each show with his ‘Final Four‘.

And a couple of more screen captures of those Mayor Bloomberg decided were not worthy to participate in any 9/11 Remembrance activities yesterday.

9/11 First Responders on GBTV

Clergy Praying on GBTV



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