Obamanamics or How to Spin America’s Financial Indicators and Continue Spending

Received this observation via email this morning:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices rose 0.4 percent in August from July, and have gone up 3.8 percent in the past year. The agency says “the seasonally adjusted increase … was broad-based, with continuing increases in the indexes for gasoline, food, shelter, and apparel.”

Since when is there a season for increases and decreases in prices of gas, shelter and clothing? Fresh food does come scarce in the winter and we have to pay more for imported veggies and fruits; but is it harder to pump gas in the winter, or is our mileage worse when temperatures change?!!?? This has to be a new Obama variable to make things look better.

Mirrors and the effects… More Young Adults Are Poor, Live With Their Parents
And this… Nearly one in five Americans live in poverty
And this… A lost decade: Poverty and income trends continue to paint a bleak picture for working families

But the DemocRATS react like: Democrat Rep. Schakowsky: ‘You Don’t Deserve To Keep All Your Money’

But the DemocRATS spend like: Obama administration rushed Solyndra deal

But the DemocRATS engage Union Tools to encourage more worthless spending: White House Calls on Educators to Support the Jobs Bill

The madness will continue unabated until 2012 when Americans will purge Washington DC’s corrupt elected and usurping officials via the voting booth. The system of checks and balances in DC has been ignored and/or violated. In 2013 Arrests for Treason and Traitorous activities must be of the highest priority and seizure of those treasonous traitors’ assets returned to the American Taxpayers’ coffers. Then the United States of America and her people can begin to heal and restore our mighty republic.


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