Obama is Now Laughing Stock of the World – Even the Germans Assist

First Obama gets himself a Nazi “snitch” site...Attackwatch aka The Obama Machine of Misinformation? , designed in the archaic Nazi flag colors, which has become one huge internet joke.

It's a clickable picture.

Then a clever You Tuber modifies the old “Hitler” bit in

Hitler Discovers ATTACKWATCH is a Joke!

Uploaded by on Sep 15, 2011

Hitler dicovers his new website “ATTACKWATCH” is the joke of the internet after only 24 hrs.

Check out http://www.attackwatch.com to see what everyone’s laughing at…

Then to add insult to injury to the Usurper, Germany has a fun-loving comedian who placed a billboard of himself imitating “That One” in Blackface
Scandals are breaking left and right. Union goons are finally being taken to task and arrested for their antics. The DemocRATS are in full-blown panic. Obama’s approval rating is in the toilet.

It has been a very good week… for Americans, Patriots, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, 912ers, Oathkeepers, Conservatives etc and for some of the best laughs anyone has seen since the Usurper soiled our country.


3 responses to “Obama is Now Laughing Stock of the World – Even the Germans Assist

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