Realizing True Value During a Disaster

Everywhere, everyone is touting buy silver and gold, but does it really matter today or any other day…

It was only a few weeks ago when San Diego recently went without power and just what could silver or gold buy? Could anyone buy refrigeration, safety, or comfort? What about during and since the flooding throughout the Northeast that was created after Irene and Lee passed over?

Does anyone believe that the people of Joplin, Missouri or Tuscaloosa, Alabama were thinking about gold or silver this past summer after the tornadoes? It is more likely that the people were worried more about locating family members, shelter, food, water, and clothing.

It is always smart to be prepared for any event, that is predictable or remotely possible to your section of the country, as the United States of America has definitely had more than its share of disasters (man-made, natural, & assisted) over the last few years. The financial goblins in Washington, DC are not making life any easier. Please think about a plan of action and provisions just in case… you will be glad you did. Just remember you can’t eat 8 ounces of gold or 20 ounces of silver if you are cut off from everyday convenience.


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