How Does a Retiring Judge Jab the Populace of Wisconsin in the Eye? With More Bull!

When US Judge – WI Judge to Zinniker, FTCLDF: No “Fundamental Right” to Own a Cow, or Consume Its Milk…Am I Making Myself Clear? clarified his moronic stance… the mind tends to wonder… was he fit in his last years in office?

Then too, how could he have been permitted to continue his liberal progressive edicts while declaring that he, himself, County judge Patrick Fiedler to step down after almost 18 years. Was this a single finger salute or a poke in the eye to Wisconsin? I’d check into his retirement benefits ASAP and adjust accordingly.

Wisconsin, for the good of your state, and the United States of America, work to appeal, repeal or whatever you need to do to eliminate possible future “standing” upon Judge Patrick Fiedler’s decision.

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